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Sonic Meridian Flush

Sonic Meridian Flush

Sonic Meridian Flush
Per Session (90 min.)

The Sonic Meridian Flush is a powerful treatment that creates a deeply relaxing and restorative result. Unlike Standard Biofield Tuning Sessions, SMF is traditionally longer, lasting anywhere from 60 - 90mins and involves on-the-body work rather than combing in the biofield.

This style of session is a great introduction to those who have never experienced energy work / sound therapy and also provides an alternative if someone is interested in bodywork. Portions of this session can be integrated into a standard session when deep work is indicated to move a physical or emotional blockage.

The SMF is known to help clients feel more embodied, can help open clients up to receiving and also prepares the body for field combing. This session works wonderfully as a “spa-like” treatment, incorporating the use of background music, candles, essential oils, etc.

Services will not rendered the same day the appointment is booked.

Any same day bookings will be rescheduled for a more convenient time.

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